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Nirmal Ashram Hospital Requires Gynaecologist, Gen. Surgeon, Physician.


We believe that is where any treatment

should really begin. A consoling word,

an assurance that there is someone who care,

a promise that someone would, with all vehemance,

endure to ease the pain and distress..;

that would probably cure half the ailment

leaving only the other half to be treated with

medicine or surgery

Compassion, the Key word

At Nirmal Ashram Hospital the key word is compassion. Our doctors and staff receive every patient with a hearty smile. Before being wheeled into the particular ward we build a trust in him that he is in safe hands and his recovery is assured.

Patient, an honoured Guest

During the course of the treatment, quite often founder Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj or other sants of the Ashram visit the wards, exchange pleasantries and create a spiritual aura. Even after the patient leaves the hospital, we keep in touch with him by periodically sending personalised letters, greetings and satnam cards, and make him feel he is a revered member of the Nirmal family

Nirmal Ashram Hospital, inaugurated on 13th April 1990, is a 120-bed multi-speciality hospital utilizing high-tech equipments and the skill of veteran medicos of different specialities and providing round-the-clock emergency services. An operation theatre & Intensive Care Unit equipped with most modern instruments and amenities, make Nirmal Ashram Hospital one of the leading Medical Institutions in the Garwahl Area.

Besides providing regular comprehensive health care, the mobile unit of the Hospital caters for the medical needs of poverty-stricken villagers in every remote nook and corner by conducting Free Treatment Camps frequently, at different locations.

Set in the greenish backdrop of the Himalayan valley and not far from the banks of the Holy River Ganges Nirmal Ashram Hospital is a pleasant retreat for acquiring treatment for the ailment as well as rejuvenating emotional and spiritual well-being.

who meticulously plans the smooth functioning
of the hospital and transforms the dreams into reality